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Growing up I always wanted a sister. While I love my big brother dearly, he’s not a girl. I wanted somebody to talk about boys with, show off my outfits to, and watch chick-flicks with. He wasn’t doing any of that.

After being burned by some folks in my teen years I decided that having a sister was stupid. LOL! Who needed some emotional, crazy, hater in their life? I had a bunch of guy friends who weren’t judgmental and didn’t argue over ridiculous stuff, or at least I thought they didn’t. I blissfully spent the earliest part of my twenties thinking that the girlfriends I did have, the good ones, were just that, good friends.

Fast forward to now…I’m an idiot. Over the last 15 years God has blessed me with several sisters. Yes, they are dear friends, but they are my SISTERS. They pray for me, they cry with me, they laugh with me, and most importantly, they tell me when I’m wrong without judging me. They have been there for me when I didn’t know what to do or say and they have picked me up when I’ve fallen.

God didn’t give me biological sisters but He knew I would need sisters in Him. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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