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Please Don’t Kill My Vibe

Have you ever looked at something your child does, says, wears, etc. and wondered who their parents were? No, just me? At least once a week I ask myself this when looking at my girl.

One night at bedtime Josephine comes in my room with a skirt on, her Elsa heels, and an old t-shirt dress she’d tied up like a halter-top and said she was ready for bed. I had to blink several times and finally said good night. I laid there for awhile baffled at exactly who her mother was.

As she’s gotten older she’s developed her own style. She loves colors, form fitting pants, make-up (which is HILARIOUS because all I own is some blush she wore at her dance recital), jewelry, and sparkles (I totally get this). We have lots of conversations about the form fitting clothes – something to the affect of, ‘Can you breathe in that?!’ – but I try to let her wear what she wants, except when we go to church.

It’s been hard. I’m definitely not risqué when it comes to fashion and although I know it’s trendy, I don’t think she should mix plaids and polka dots. But I don’t want to kill her vibe. She’s into music, clothes, painting, and a bunch of other stuff that might flourish into her becoming the next Janelle Monae, Alexander McQueen, or Josephine Bunkley, Extraordinaire!

In the meantime I’ll just sit back and look for the Kidz Bop version of Kendrick Lamar’s hit just in case she wants to tell me not to kill her vibe.

Until next time…

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