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Princess and the Frog 

When Josephine was three her godparents bought her a beautiful Princess Tiana doll. We watched the movie and she became a fan. A year later, about two weeks after school started, she decided she didn’t like Tiana anymore. When her dad asked her why, she said that a friend at school told her she shouldn’t like people with dark skin…

I was angry. I was even angrier when I went to work the next day, she attended my school at the time, and her teacher responded that Josephine must’ve misunderstood. Now if you know my child, you know she’s spoken as clear as a bell since she was two and her hearing and comprehension are stellar. It was as though what she said was disregarded and swept under a rug.  I was also saddened at the fact that I had to have a conversation with my four year old about how her skin, and all shades of brown, were acceptable, beautiful, and great. 

You see, I continue to be amazed at how people continue to ignore the reason why people are protesting the national anthem (FYI – it’s not out of disrespect – see my previous post #FakeOutrage). I’m amazed that instead of asking ourselves why people are protesting we’re arguing about how people are protesting. Instead of addressing the issues head on, people would rather attack the protestor. Instead of working towards real unity and change people are making accusations of divisiveness. 

We could all, myself included, point the finger at everyone else. But the change starts with us. The willingness to accept that things aren’t as great and rosy as we think they are starts with us. The willingness to cross the aisle or railroad track is our choice. What choice are you going to make?

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