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The Heart of the People 

Yesterday, millions of people marched for women’s rights and in protest of the new POTUS. From Boston to San Francisco, people gathered to remind this country and the 45th President that we have rights that we are willing to fight for. I didn’t march but several friends did. I spent some time on Facebook enjoying the pictures and reading the articles. I even decided to read some of the comments….bad idea. 

I started this post last night, ready to talk about unity among women. But today, my Pastor reminded us that what comes out of our mouths (or our thumbs) is a reflection of what’s in our hearts. Do we say things out of anger and frustration? Yes. But at the moment we say it, that’s what’s in our hearts. And as I read the comments about how women should be home cooking, or shouldn’t be whining because they can do everything a man can (which doesn’t even make sense because it’s biologically impossible), and that we should focus on helping people in foreign countries who have real struggles, I realized that as a country, we have some heart issues. 

Unfortunately, it’s those same issues that caused many to say and attack those  that protested and marched so people of color didn’t have to go to terrible schools, sit at the back of the bus or go in the back door. Those same issues caused some to say that women shouldn’t vote and that people of black and African descent weren’t actually whole people, who deserved to be free. It’s the same issues that cause us to question why crazy people don’t just snap out of it or people in poverty just don’t try harder. 

But on the flip side, there are the hearts of those that don’t stop and don’t go home and realize that yes, while we should help those in foreign lands, we have people heee who need our help as well. And they realize that while they can’t change hearts, maybe, just maybe, they can change minds. 

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