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Greater is Coming

Last week in my post Team OMNI I wrote about how I’d been struggling with what God had planned for my life and how although I’d often say ‘Lord, do Your will’ I would often negotiate. Well friends, God has once again shown me that my plans aren’t His plans and that no matter what, His will will be done – in His time.

You see, for quite some time I’ve been praying for a change in my life career-wise. I had expressed my hopes to my husband and to anyone who would listen – but I’d put certain parameters on how and when the change would happen – because you know, I’m in control. However how the change has come about is not at all what I expected. My integrity has been tested, my feelings have been hurt, and I can’t even describe the level of anger and confusion I’ve felt. But despite all of the negativity and drama – there’s been light.

You see, in the midst of all of this I’ve heard testimonies, had people pour into me, and had time to think about how powerful God truly is. And after the wind and the rain settled, God brought three different people who have never met each other bring me the same word from God – greater is coming.

And it’s also reminded me that no matter what – my trust is in Him – not man.

Until next time…

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