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Close the Door

When my husband and I got married I realized that he had a terrible habit. Every time he opened a cabinet or door he would leave it open. At first I thought it was because he planned to come right back to whatever he was doing; but, I quickly realized it was because he’d just forgotten. I can’t even tell you how many arguments we got into about it because things that were left open which should have been closed (cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.) would send me into a tizzy. Now, twelve years later and two children (one of which has her father’s habit) I learned that sometimes you just have to walk away from it.

As I think about this quirk I realize that it’s because I don’t like knowing that things aren’t finished, complete. It’s weird to explain to people but not having closure gives me anxiety. It’s part of the reason that I struggle with not having the last word – because there’s always room to say more or do more. Or is there?

You see, I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes you have to leave a comma at the end of a situation and not a period. It can be painful and tiring but sometimes, trying to continue until that thing is done can be detrimental. Trying to force a reason, ‘why’ or have all of the answers can leave you with wounds that may not heal. And sometimes just walking away without all of the answers can be healing.

When I reflect on my life and things I’ve simply had to walk away from and leave a comma, I realize that God needed to spare me the hurt. When I’ve tried to force an ending, I’ve been hurt. If we take the time to listen to where God wants to close a door or where He wants us to simply pass through and leave it open, we’d save ourselves a world of hurt.

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