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Through the Wrong Lens

I have a progressive eye disease that requires me to wear contact lenses to have the most precise vision. They are very tiny, a wee bit larger than a pencil eraser, and the right lens is marked with a small black dot so I don’t mix them up. Today things were a bit blurry but I chalked it up to the Mountain Cedar that’s making it really hard for me to be great and the very little sleep I got last night. As I took them off tonight, I realized I had the lenses in the wrong eye. I’d spent my entire day squinting and annoyed because I was looking through the wrong lens.

It’s funny because when I think back over some of the most trying times in my life, my initial reaction is to have a meltdown. In the midst of the storm, I immediately see things through the lens of frustration, anger, and confusion. It’s immediately doom-and-gloom, worse case scenario, ‘Why me, Lord?’ time. It’s not until the chaos becomes calm that I can see things for what they are – an opportunity to tell people how I got over to the other side – share my testimony.

I know in some cases, my skewed vision is a symptom of my anxiety. But in lots of cases, it’s a symptom of my lack of faith. Remember that I’ve mentioned that my Christian journey has been less than perfect? Well, part of that imperfection has been due to me forgetting that God sees all things, knows all things, and has a plan for my life that’s greater than anything I could ever imagine. In the midst of the trials I’ve let exhaustion and outside influences (similar to all of those allergens) get under my skin and into my head – and I end up seeing things out of my right eye (it’s the worst) instead of my left (it’s actually not too bad).

You see, it’s simple. I could’ve prevented a day of blurry vision and a headache if I had taken the time to double-check which lens was which. Maybe it’s time for me to take a step back and check what lens I’m looking at life’s storms through. I’m guessing I might save myself some tears and headaches.

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