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The Dryer Won’t Stop

This is week 3 in a six weeks series.

Our clothes dryer does this weird thing. After so many cycles, it won’t stop – even after it’s powered off. I can hear the signal indicating that it’s finished but the drum continues to spin. The last time it happened, about a month ago, I thought I’d figured out a solution. I held down the Power and Start button simultaneously and it ‘fixed’ the problem. I tried it tonight, multiple times, and it didn’t work. On the upside though, it did give me a catalyst to write for this week.

I started this blog to help me deal with some heavy emotional stuff. It’s morphed and become my own personal commentary on life around me. From politics to race, to marriage and motherhood, I’ve written covered it all. This particular six-week series was supposed to be about my last six weeks in my current job. The title I originally had was ‘6 Weeks ‘Til Summer: One Woman’s Journey into an Unknown Future’; but it was too long and too dramatic. But it’s true – I have no idea what’s next. And I’m scared. But my run-in with my dryer reminded me of something.

I’ve had this happen before. I’ve come to the end of a period in my life and the world (the drum of my dryer) kept going. It didn’t stop just because a particular chapter was done. Although I was panicked and trying to fix the problem my way (pressing that Power and Start button simultaneously) the world kept going. At some point though, God stepped in and solved the problem. (Side note – usually after about 3 days of this annoying dryer thing it resets on its own). However, when I was able to ‘solve’ it, it was only a temporary fix that created frustration and heartbreak when the same problems cropped up again.

Okay, I know I’m all over the place with this one. But I guess what I’m trying to say is…God has got this. I’m doing my part but ultimately, He’s going to do what He does. I just need to be prepared this time to listen – something I haven’t always done. And wouldn’t you know that this coming week is one of the least hectic weeks I’ve had in awhile, so I can actually hear Him – He’ll work it out so His will is done every time.

Until next time…

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