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Dig Deeper

Today was our fourth day at the beach. While here my ritual has been to walk out to a high sand bar, sit down, and bask in the sunlight. At some point I always start to dig into the sand, hoping to find a clam shell like I did last year. This year, as I sat there on my quest for clams it hit me how much we’re like that sand bar.

When I walk out the sand is smooth and undisturbed. Flopping down it’s hard and can be a bit unforgiving to my knees. But as I start digging, I’m able to find all kinds of interesting tidbits. Broken shells, seaweed, bones. And the smell!!!! The first time I dug up the sand I was sure that my son had pooped in his swim diaper.

We are at our core the same way. We present ourselves to the world smooth and undisturbed by the chaos, the waves, swirling all around us. But all it takes is for someone to come along and dig, and they’ll find all of our broken pieces, the skeletons, and the stink that lies within all of us. You see, like the sand, all though we seem firm and unmoved on the outside, it only takes one person, one event, one dig, to expose what’s underneath.

However as I sat there and continued to dig and wash the dirt off of the whole shells, I realized something more important. The vast body of water that surrounded me, was able to come and wash away the dirt from the shells. It washed away the broken pieces, the seaweed, even the stench. And THAT, reminded me of the cleansing power of Jesus’ blood. So my friends, dig deep, find those broken pieces, and ask God to wash them away.

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