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Don’t Miss It! 

My 3 year old wets the bed. Not every night…that would be gross. But occasionally the Pull-Up we put him in at bed time fails.

The first time it happened he was in our bed…of course. On our new 700 thread count sheets…of course. And we don’t have a mattress cover on our bed…of course. [Side note: if anyone knows of a mattress cover that won’t have me sweating all night and won’t make my beloved sleep miserable let me know.] We were so upset. How could this little person who we’ve loved, fed, and told to pee before he goes to sleep, pee in our bed?! At 5 in the morning nonetheless?!
Now before everybody gets all, ‘He shouldn’t be in your bed’, ‘Why is he still wetting at night?’, etc., this post isn’t actually about any of that.
See here’s the thing I’ve had to learn about kids….they have accidents…a LOT of them. At one point I used to get all flustered and upset because who has time for vomit in your bed at 2 a.m.?!

But that’s life. Life is full of a multitude of inconveniences, mishaps, and accidents. Some of them are brought on by others, many of them are brought on by ourselves, and a good many of them are God’s way of getting our attention.
At the end of the day, these accidents should become lessons on how to do it better the next time. Still letting your kid eat yogurt even though the aftermath is one you live to regret? Still hitting snooze fifteen times and running late EVERY DAY? Still dating the same type of guy or girl like the last one who broke your heart, spent all your money, and left you? Still doing…WHATEVER you know isn’t good for you?
Let me be clear – I HAVE NOT ARRIVED. But what I have figured out is that when an accident happens, if I’m spending all my time freaking out, I may just miss the lesson.

Until next time….

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