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Parenting Advice

Since the birth of man people have been doling out advice on how to ‘best’ raise your children. From what you feed them, to what they wear, even what hair products to use, EVERYBODY, has something to say. And if you think about it, it starts before the kid even gets here. Natural versus High as Kite, Cord Banking versus Throw it Away!, Tylenol versus Don’t even use Toothpaste.

Most of the advice is well meaning, not intended to hurt feelings but to impart some wisdom. Some people are just being mean. This advice has even lead to the ‘Mommy Wars’. Well in my five years of parenthood I’ve figured this out…none of it matters. NONE. OF. IT.

Let me drop this wisdom on you. There’s three things you MUST do for your children and EVERYTHING else will work itself out: Love your children beyond comprehension, teach them who God is and that He should be at the center of their lives, and teach them that they aren’t perfect and that they’ll make mistakes.

Yep folks. That’s it. It’s that simple. So let’s stop with all the #teamnatural #teamDemerol #teamwhateverthenewfadis. It will make life happier for everybody. And if you MUST be a part of a team (because I’m part of #teambirthdayoverkill and a couple others) remember we are all on #teamparent and the struggle is real

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