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From the Mouths of Babes

Today Josephine saw me empty a cup from my car onto the bushes while in a drive-thru. She asked me what it was and when I said water, she quickly asked, “Water with no lemon?”. I laughed and said yes.

Her question reminded me of just how observant children are of our actions – our habits. Clearly she’s recognized my habit of ordering water with no lemon when we go out to eat. But it also made me wonder what other habits I have that she’s aware of.

Do I have a habit of speaking words that give life or words that kill spirits? Do I have a habit of speaking about my body in a positive way or do I constantly belittle myself and make negative comments about features I don’t like? Do I have a habit of treating her father with respect and love or do I emasculate him and treat him poorly? Do I have a habit of praying ALL the time, no matter the circumstances or do I only pray when I need God to intervene on a bad choice I made?

And what about the habits I have that she can’t see? If she could watch a video of my life until now, what habits, both good and bad, would she see? The thought makes me want to smile and cringe at the same time.

Kids can be innocently, yet painfully honest. But that’s okay, because growth can’t come without that pain. And we could all stand to grow.

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