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Thank a Teacher

In my five years in the classroom my favorite parent conferences were those where the parents swore their child was a little angel at home. You know them – “Of course Johnny never tells me no”, “I have never had a problem getting Johnny to do what I ask him to do at home”. I always thought (to myself of course), “Yea right”! Suddenly your child comes to school and morphs into this disobedient, back-talking little cherub who NEVER acts like that at home?!

I always thought it was hilarious and wondered what the parents must do at home…until I kind of became that parent. You see my son, Party Time as we like to call him, is 500% boy. He has no boundaries and has no problem telling you no, running off and laughing, and basically making you want to call him everything but a child of God. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the Hubs and I aren’t clueless to his shenanigans and readily admonish his rowdy behavior at daycare.

The best part about this whole experience though has been two teachers at his daycare. They have loved on him when he needed it but also disciplined him when it was called for. I know that they’ve treated him like they would their own children. They’ve reassured me when I didn’t know what else to do and prayed for us when I was frustrated.

I’ve been on both sides of the not-so-fun parent teacher conference and it’s not so much fun anymore. So if your kid’s the one wiping out his teacher everyday, thank him or her. They deserve it!
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