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Thigh Dimples

Right after my 21st birthday I went on a quest to lose weight and get healthy. I worked out 4-5 days a week, watched my calories and fat, and limited my intake of added sugar. I was very successful and lost almost 90 pounds! But I still had gigantic thighs.

Now, 14 years later (yikes), my thighs are still gigantic. And it seems that after having two kids the fat cells in my body have gravitated to said thighs and created dimples…tons of them. And I used to be ashamed and embarrassed by them. Until I had a daughter.

The world is going to CONSTANTLY throw images at her of what beauty is. It doesn’t matter how many Dove commercials she sees or Lane Bryant #I’mNoAngel bumper stickers I have, somebody, somewhere is going to remind her that her hair isn’t ‘good’ enough, her skin is a little too dark, or her thighs too thick. It’s my job to remind her that she IS good enough – just the way she is.

Before your mind wanders off to, ‘What about obesity?’, ‘What about beauty is only skin deep?’, stop. We talk about being healthy and active. We talk about the importance of being a kind, God fearing person. We talk about her brains and brawn. The unfortunate part is A LOT of people will judge her based on the outside, instead of the inside and I need her to be prepared for that.

So, I have embraced my thigh dimples. I have embraced my tummies ;-), and all my other ‘imperfections’, so that she’ll embrace hers. And even when I do get the ‘perfect’ body…whether I buy it or work for it, I’ll still have to remind her that the outside isn’t as important as the inside. Because as Judge Judy says, ‘Beauty fades, dumb is forever’.

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