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What I Know about Marriage

It’s hard. It’s hard because everyday, as I pursue a better walk with Christ, I’m working to be a better wife. And that requires that I die to myself…daily. 

That means that sometimes I can’t have what I want, as a Christian and as a wife. For example, if I had it my way I’d be driving a Porsche Cayenne with brown leather interior. But I can’t drive a Porsche Cayenne and tithe. And not tithing isn’t an option. I also can’t drive a Porsche Cayenne and expect my husband to ‘do whatever it takes’ so I can have whatever I want. So I drive a Hyundai Tucson…and I really like it.

The Porsche seems like an extreme example (you’re thinking you’re a teacher…you can’t afford that anyway…LOL!) but there’s other ‘simpler’ things I have to sometimes CHOOSE between. Like having hours and hours of time to myself, or going to hang out with the girls EVERY weekend, or buying what I want when I want, or going to bed early every night ;-).

The great thing about being married to somebody who believes that God should be at the center of our marriage is that he has to die to himself daily as well. So there’s A LOT of give and take and he has to CHOOSE to give up some things as well (Helllo Starbucks…Mommy loves you).

And like I’ve said, I have not arrived. Some days I die gallantly, like a defeated Samurai falling on her sword. Other days I put up a fight like a three year old at bed time. And there are those days that I flat out refuse to die. (That usually doesn’t turn out so well.)

But like I’ve said, nothing worth having is easy. So it’s a GOOD thing if you think marriage is hard. If God is at the center of all that chaos then you’re doing something right.

Until next time…

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