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Wherever You Go

While on our trip we had to chance to check out a comedian by the name of Mutzie. The night before his show he did a preview and he was hilarious. We decided to check him out and he delivered.

He started out with the usual comedic fare, moved on to the audience, and then told a couple of anecdotes about his life. Then he did something totally unexpected…he talked about God. One of the ports Carnival visits is Progreso. And Mutzie wasn’t lying when he said it’s like a third world country. At first I thought he was just making a pitch to sell his CD, but then he explained that he uses all the money to feed kids in Progreso. He explained that the money wasn’t his, that it belonged to God anyway and He could take it away whenever he wanted.

I was blown away. Here’s a guy, on a cruise, where for a lot of people ANYTHING goes and he’s talking about God, quoting the Bible, and declaring his faith. And he didn’t care. And neither did the audience. Nobody heckled or left and A LOT of people clapped and shouted Amen! He reminded me that God can and will use anybody, at anytime, and you will find Him in the places you sometimes least expect.

We saw Mutzie in Cozumel! I told him he’d be on the blog. 

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