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On Being Cute

Say hello to my two friends, Bootsie and Richie. We began our relationship about 3 months ago after I finally saw a podiatrist about my foot. I think we can all agree that there’s nothing cute about either one of these foot accessories, right? in Walking Cast Boot
Bootsie…as in Walking Cast Boot in Richie Brace.
Richie…as in Richie Brace.

You know what else isn’t cute? Pain. You know what I’m talking about. That ‘cute’ pair of gladiator sandals that were so trendy. Or those ‘cute’ riding boots that look great with leggings and a sweater dress. But at the end of the day my knees hurt and I couldn’t exercise, not even walk the treadmill, without an excruciating pain that made me want to rip my leg off.

Finally tiring of the pain and my husband’s look of concern that I was aging too quickly (which is hilarious because he has the soul of a 90 year old) I stopped trying to be cute. Basically I was born with the bones on my feet curved like an ‘S’. That has caused me to overpronate. I’ve been walking around on a ‘bad’ foot (that’s what the podiatrist said about my foot…he actually used the word ‘bad’ to describe my foot) for several years, trying to be cute. That and the 40 pounds I gained after I stopped breastfeeding Jacob exacerbates the issue to the point of tendinitis on both sides of my ankle. After wearing Bootsie for about 3 months I got to switch to Richie and a nice pair of Brooks running shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss having my feet out in the summer and walking around my house barefoot. But what I don’t miss is not being able to walk to bathroom without an intense amount of pain. I was able to go on our cruise, do A LOT, of walking and aside from a little bit of swelling, had little pain.

Folks, I know that we all love to look ‘cute’. But if you feel terrible doing it, it’s really not that cute at all.

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