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Don’t Hate 

Don’t Hate 

Have you ever been scrolling your Facebook Newsfeed and seen a picture of a cute kid with the caption, ‘If you’re not a hater, like this’? No? Just me? I find them hilarious but I usually click like because those are some cute kids!

But ask yourself this, ARE you a hater? Do you have a hard time telling another woman that her hair, dress, nails, talent, whatever is great? Do you find yourself PURPOSELY not giving compliments to other people? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re a hater. 

I love giving compliments to other people. There’s something about noticing something unique about another person that is personally freeing. I have some friends with great taste in fashion, make-up, etc. and I don’t mind telling them just how awesome I think they are. And guess what? It doesn’t diminish my awesomeness because it’s not about ME. 

OF COURSE I do find myself being a hater at times. Usually because I’m feeling bad about myself and I think that chick with the great handbag that I can’t afford should too. But as soon as I have that thought I usually trip over something or spill something on my clothes (God’s little reminder to quit hating). 

So friends, let’s try to minimize the hate. We’re just too good for that. And if you’re reading this…you’re AWESOME. 

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