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Net Worth

Net Worth

My husband and I use an app to track our finances. They send what seems like a gazillion emails a day, most of which I delete. Recently I decided to read one and at the bottom it listed our net worth. With a mortgage and student loans that number wasn’t very big…ha!

Here’s the thing though, I don’t care. You see if I based my worth on a dollar amount I’d spend my entire life trying to increase it and would never reach ‘the number’. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t be a good steward of my money but money and things aren’t what I’m worth.

When I die, I don’t want my friends and loved ones to remember my material possessions. I want them to remember my faith in God, my smile and corny jokes. I want them to know that I would do whatever I possibly could for each and every one of them, as long as it was good for them. I’d want them to remember that when they asked me to pray for them, I really did. 

You can put a value on ‘stuff’, but memories of how you treated someone with love, dignity, and respect are priceless. 

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