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Personal Space

Anybody who has spent more than 10 minutes with a child under the age of 5 knows that they have no idea what personal space is. You know what I’m talking about! They have to sit right next to you, sleep right next to you, and when they say hello it’s two inches from your face.

My children seem to take particular delight in invading my personal space. Just when I think I’ve gotten comfortable on the couch, or in bed, or at the dinner table even, some little person wants to ‘be close to mommy’. There are times when I long to have them near me and other times when I just need a break.

I have however realized that they won’t always want to be close to me. As they grow up and start figuring things out for themselves, or so they think :-), they’ll distance themselves.

And you know…we do that same thing in our relationship with God. We go through phases where we yearn to be close to Him, beg to sit in His lap. As we figure things out for ourselves, so we think :-), we back off – distance ourselves.

But that’s why God is God. See unlike us, he wants us to be in His space…constantly. He wants us to always want to be close to Him, no matter how much we learn. He longs and yearns for us to sit with Him when we start to keep our distance, just like we do for our children.

It’s said that absence makes the heart grown fonder; but if you’re not careful that absence will make your spirit weaker.

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