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Tunnel Vision

At least once a day I find myself saying to one of my kiddos, ‘Stay-focused’. It rolls off my tongue so regularly that I often don’t even realize I’m saying it. Until recently.

As I’ve been on my walk with God I’ve found myself at times unable to focus. Not on the world around me…I stay too focused on that sometimes. No, I sometimes find myself losing focus on Him.

Somebody reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about. You start a new season in life  reading, praying, worshipping, and praising the Lord and you’re on a roll! You are so full that NOTHING can stop you from focusing all of your energy on what God wants you do to. Until something happens and you get distracted. You keep telling yourself you’re going to get back on track, do better, etc.

But you know that God is smarter than we will ever be. You see when I was way off track He sent me my daughter. Her life is a walking testament to how God will turn your world upside down to get your attention. Then He sent my son. Read the sentence before last and change her to his! About the fifth time I tell my kids to, ‘Listen’, ‘Pay Attention’, ‘I think I know what I’m talking about’, etc. I look up and say, ‘Ok Lord!! I hear you!’

As the new school year starts the distractions are going to come. There will be PTA meetings, piano lessons, soccer practice, and a bazillion other things to do. But like any good teacher, God is there saying to us, ‘Stay focused, and pay attention.’ And His lessons are not ones that I can afford to miss.

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