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Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

I’m a worrier. Like certified, diagnosed, worrier. As I’ve gotten older and a little bit wiser I’ve become less of a worrier and more accepting of Matthew 6:24. Occasionally though I still have bouts of complete and utter panic. A big trigger…change.

Monday both of my babies started new schools. The little one left a daycare he’s gone to since he was 8 months old and my big girl left my school for a great academic opportunity. In my mind I’d decided that I was going to handle this change, this transition, like a boss. My heart however was distraught over whether or not it was the right decision, how it was affecting my children emotionally, and blah, blah, blah.

After we dropped them off at school I had to talk myself out of going and picking them up. I sat at my desk imagining Josephine crying and getting lost in the building and Jacob terrorizing his teachers (I love him but he can be a little naughty). At the end of the day I rushed to pick him up and was floored when he said that he’d had a great day and wanted to come to school every day for the week. And sure enough, when I got home Josephine was just as excited about her day.

As I went to bed Monday I had to laugh at myself. I’d spent all this time worrying when it wasn’t necessary. You see, Jacob and I prayed for covering over the kids and that they would transition smoothly. And here I was doubting that God would do just that. When I really think about it I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying. God’s been there; and even when He hasn’t answered my prayers the way I wanted Him to there was no cause to worry about a thing.

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