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Sacred Chaos

About three years ago we decided to start a little tradition we call ‘Family Date Night’. It started as a way to tame our eating out unnecessarily but has become one of our favorite parts of the week.

The routine of work, school, church, extracurricular, etc. can be safe, but, boring. LOL! Family Date Night is anything but boring. It usually involves dinner at a restaurant that we each take turn choosing. If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant with young kids you know it can be full on shenanigans. Somebody spills something, as soon as the food is there we need a potty break, and we all talk at once. And when the weather isn’t so hot you want to cuss we head to the park.

Amid the chaos though there’s a sacredness to it. My coworkers make it a point not to meet with me, even when I want to, on FDN, and at one point the teachers at my kids’ daycare excitedly asked what the plan was every week. Our extended friends and framily join us sometimes and that makes it even more special.

Our kids are getting older and before I have time to catch my breath they’ll be teenagers. And I figure if we can make at least one night a week special now, they’ll look forward to it then.

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