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Mama Said…

In the 16 years Jacob and I have been together, we have spent a lot of time with our families, especially my Mama. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken on a LOT of her ways, and I often find myself saying things that Jacob says, ‘sounds like something yo’ Mama would say’.

Of all the things that have stuck with me, the one that drives me when I’m frustrated by life and certain situations is, ‘I glory in your spunk’. My mother has been my fiercest cheerleader; my marching band so I could make a grand entrance. She has always spoken great things into me and said great things about me to others. She told all of my elementary school teachers I would be a doctor and/or lawyer (sorry Mom) and to this day tells people that she has awesome children.

But spunk?! For a long time I would kind of laugh when she said it. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to look back on that phrase..A LOT. I had to look back on it when I couldn’t breastfeed Josephine. I had to conjure it up when I wasn’t sure I was being the best wife I could be. And I’ve had to OWN IT when things got tough professionally.

You see her saying she ‘glories in my spunk’ isn’t about her putting me on a pedestal. It’s about reminding me that even if nobody else is recognizing who I am, whose I am, she is. And I love her for that. And just in case she doesn’t know…I got ALL of that spunk from her.

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