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Lest We Forget

SHENANIGANS. That is the absolute best word I can use to describe this past week in my life. Between not feeling well, a million loads of laundry, and pure, unadulterated foolishness at work, it was shenanigans. At one point I texted one of my sisters and asked her to pray for me…as I often do when I’ve prayed and prayed for myself and need some intercession on my behalf. As the week went on and I started to ‘get over’ some of it, I forgot about that text. But she didn’t.

We still do altar call at my church, and today, like so many others, I stayed at my seat. But she found me, told me to get up there, and held my hand during prayer. Another sister-friend joined us, not even knowing what was going on. You see I had forgotten that in all of the craziness going on, somebody remembered and somebody cared. I had also forgotten that God has brought me through SO MUCH, and that surely, He would bring me through this.

You see sometimes, I get so caught up in what’s going wrong, I forget what’s going right. I forget that yes, work is crazy, but at least I have a job. I forget that although my children dress up and refer to themselves as ‘The Cool Kids’, at least they’re able to do that. And sometimes, I even forget the storms God has brought me through.

But that’s what makes God awesome. He doesn’t forget. And He sends people into our lives who don’t forget to pray for us, love on us, and say just the right words we need. If He places that on your heart to do for someone else, do it! You never know the impact it will make.

Until next time…

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