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Attack of the Mama Bear

Mama Bear…we all know her. She had the cold pudding, soft bed, and uncomfortable chair in that story about the little blond thief. But I’m not talking about that Mama Bear. I’m talking about the one that EVERY mother becomes when somebody messes with their kid(s) – or at least thinks someone did.

Both of my children started new schools this year. For the most part the experience has been great. They both seem to be learning a lot and the youngest has only had two sad faces. However, there’s been a couple times where Mama Bear has shown her face.

Now don’t get me wrong; I KNOW my children. I live with them everyday and am well aware that they can be two smack-talking, attitude-giving, chatter boxes. I also know that they won’t hesitate to tell you when they don’t like something or feel they’ve been wronged. And while we’re working on tunneling that assertiveness into good…sometimes it goes south…like Antarctica south.

At the end of the day though I have to be their biggest advocate. That doesn’t mean I enable their bad choices. But it does mean that I have to make sure that they are treated fairly and justly. It’s not always easy. What’s unfair and unjust in my eyes isn’t always seen that way by others and I have to do a bit of growling.

The world can be a tough place for kids. And for many of them home is just as tough, if not tougher. But if being Mama Bear is what I have to do for my cubs…watch out. LOL!!

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