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Pity, Party of 1

I’ve been partying alone lately. The menu is always the same, whine and cheese, and the music is always played on the world’s smallest violin. Every time I attempt to get someone to join me they shut me down. And they should.

Things have been a little crazy lately and I’ve found myself being less than optimistic. The other day I was texting a sister-friend about how blah, blah, blah things were and she said that it was all fine and well to be a little tired but  I wasn’t allowed to throw any ‘woe is me’ parties. I must say I was a little ticked at her response…but she was right.

As life has unfolded over these last couple of weeks everyone I’ve talked to has said the same thing…pray for strength and keep it moving. Because here’s the thing…I can’t wake up in the morning without God so I most certainly can’t make it through day-to-day life without Him. Sometimes, and I know I’m not the only one, I get so caught up it what’s going ‘wrong’ that I miss what’s going right.

It’s in those moments of exhaustion, confusion, and anxiety that I should invite God to my party so He can turn it out. But instead I don’t; I party alone and it’s not very fun. And why have a party if it’s not going to be fun?!

Nobody likes to be stood up; but I’m thankful that my family and friends don’t join me but rather remind me to invite God in.

Until next time…

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