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Talk is Cheap

Education Reform. Those two words are thrown around like Pumpkin Spice Latte is from September to December. Neither is cheap and everbody seems to have a different view on them…I’m not a fan of pumpkin.

As an educator I’m always interested in what’s being said about how to make education better. From vouchers, to standardized testing, to teacher evaluations, everybody has a solution to make public education in the United States better. And when it comes to the blame- game…everybody except for the classroom hamster gets blamed for the failure of the system.

Well you know what? I blame everybody. You see until we all stop talking; I said WE because I do my fair share of gum flapping on the issue; and actually start doing something, nothing is going to get better.

In my twelve years in education I’ve gotten to see it from quite a few angles. As a parent I see the need for parents to get INVOLVED in their child’s education. That means going to the school and talking to somebody when education is subpar. Now, that doesn’t mean harass and nitpick everything that’s done. It means being at parent conferences, sending notes if you can’t be there (I understand working for a living), and just simply setting high expectations for you child’s academics and behavior BEFORE they leave the house.

As an educator…this one is simple. Make sure education is where you need to be. Maybe your time as a classroom teacher is over and you need to do something else like instructional coach or interventionist (I KNOW-I’ve been there). But if your heart’s not in it…move on…it’s ok.

Administrators…make decisions as though all of the children affected are the children that mean the most to you. And remember that you NEED your teachers on your side. Help those who can be helped, praise those who are doing a great job, and help those who aren’t quite cut out for teaching pursue their passion…elsewhere.

Community members…support your schools…and EVERYBODY that works there. Don’t bring up your tax dollars or summer vacation. Be grateful that someone puts up with your child/cousin/niece/nephew, cleans up their vomit, feeds them, and keeps them safe crossing the street for 9 months out of the year.

And everyone remember this: treat the relationship like a good co-parenting relationship. You don’t live together and you may not even like each other. But EVERY decision made should be in the best interest of children…always.

Yep, that’s my platform for education reform. Now I need to start doing. Bunkley for U. S. Education Secretary in 2016?! LOL!!

Until next time…

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