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Politics As Usual

Lately I’ve been engaging in Facebook ‘discussions’ with people about various issues that ultimately boil down to politics. I don’t often speak up on social media about these issues but I’ve been feeling feisty lately. As we come upon a new presidential election season, which has so far been a bunch of foolishness from some who aim to lead our country, I felt like I needed to get something off my chest.

When I voted in my first presidential election I was excited. Not because I was really ‘politically minded’ but because it was the right thing to do. As I’ve gotten older, gotten a job, paid taxes, had kids, and well, lived, I’ve voted because I actually do care about what happens to not only myself, but others in this country.

Call me what you will – Socialist, Communist, Democrat, Libertarian, blah, blah, blah – I believe in making decisions that are good for the majority, not the minority when it comes to the essential things we need to survive in this country. I don’t care if that majority doesn’t look like me, make as much money as I do, speak my language, wasn’t born here, etc.

Here’s the thing. The world doesn’t stop at my doorstep. It doesn’t stop with my family or my circle of friends. It doesn’t stop with my employer, church, social organization, or educational institution. I believe that everyone should have access to good affordable healthcare, good free public education, and wages that can allow people to take care of their families without having to choose between bills and food. Because here’s the thing, BUT GOD, I have access to all those things. BUT GOD, that could all change tomorrow. And the American Dream that so many people talk about can easily become the American Nightmare for 98% of us.

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