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Better Half

Sometimes I want to tell my husband to shut up. Not because I’m mean or he’s terrible…but because quite often, he drops knowledge that I need to hear but may not want to hear. Or because he’s encouraging me to do something I need to do but don’t want to do. Or because he’s being his highly intelligent, analytical self and I don’t always have the brain capacity to follow him.

Our life has been like that for the past 17 years. Yep; you read that correctly. Since we were 17 years old we’ve been balancing each other out. He’s been calming me down when my emotions got the best of me. And I’ve been reminding him that it’s okay for him to have more than two emotions: angry and not angry. I was telling a friend recently the back story of our relationship. For me, it was love (actually more like teenage hormone fueled lust) at first sight. I mean he had a full beard at 14 and I love a man with a beard (thanks Daddy). Long story short, he finally came to his senses and we started dating our senior year in high school. And we’ve been together every since. Like no-fooling, ride-or-die, together.

It hasn’t always been easy. We’ve argued, cried, been through the fire and back. But God. You see, I believe that God sent me Jacob to be my better half. He’s that half of me that can see the forest when I only see the trees, the part that talks me down when I’m ready to throw in the towel or throw a right hook (with words…I’m not a fighter), and quite often has reminded me of where my faith should be. He’s that half of me that picks me up when I’m too down to pick myself help.

At the center of it all has been God. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes we’ve forgotten that He’s at the head and we’ve acted like fools. But in His way, He reminds us exactly who He is and who we need to be. For that I am grateful because without Him, there would be no us. And I like us…a lot.

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