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All the Little Children

At least once a week I find out somebody I know is having a baby. Either it’s their first or not. There’s nothing quite like the flutter of a tiny baby growing in your stomach. As you anxiously await your baby’s arrival, let me drop a little knowledge on the moms-to-be and maybe even some new stuff for current mothers.

1. You will NEVER be the same. Your mind, body, and spirit will become something you never thought imaginable. Body parts that you didn’t know could hurt, will. Emotions you didn’t know you had will surface and you’ll pray like you never have before.

2. Sleep deprivation and pulling an all-nighter will have completely new meanings. There’s not much more to add to that.

3. At some point in your child’s life you’ll question if they’re yours. Yep, little Johnny or Suzy will do, say, wear, eat, etcetera something that you would never and you’ll start to think the kid was switched at birth or kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a decoy.

4. At some point you’ll see glimpses of yourself in them that you absolutely admire. At other times you’ll stop yourself halfway through the phrase, ‘I don’t understand who he/she/they gets that from’. Trust me…it’s going to happen.

5. If you’ve never been a fighter, you will be. Basically as soon as that child leaves your body or comes into your home, you will become a beast. I’m talking, if anybody even looks like they’re about to hurt your child you’d cut them, type beast. Don’t fret…it’s natural.

6. Your heart will never be the same. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you love somebody? Yea, when that sweet baby is here it multiplies infinitely. Even through colic, the terrible twos, and teen angst the amount of love you have for your child is really kind of inexplicable. But you’ll know it when you feel it.

And here’s one last piece of knowledge. Being a mother is the hardest job you’ll ever have. But it’s also the best.

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