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Winter Wind Down

The recent warm temperatures have ticked me off which is hilarious because I am a walking contradiction…I hate being cold but I love the cold weather. The seasons and what they bring have done their Jedi mind tricks on me for years and this year especially I’ve been affected.

My life is somewhat chaotic. Not in a “turbulent, living on the edge” kind of way, but in a “I have a husband, two young kids, work, church, family” kind of way. And all of those things create their own special kind of chaos. [Especially my man-child…God gave him to me so I could truly understand unconditional love] Each year I look forward to the start of Daylight Savings Time and the bitter cold. Those two things often force us to SLOW DOWN. They force us to come home earlier and like little birds, cause us to hang our heads in sleep when darkness comes.

And I love it. You see I’ve been thinking about all we see in the news about stress and food and everything that’s setting us up for chronic health issues. While I think some of it is true (cheeseburgers on the regular really aren’t good for us) I think it’s time that’s actually doing us in. We try to cram so much into our day that we are exhausting ourselves. Our parents and grandparents didn’t live as long because they chain smoked and drank like fish; but they made good use of their time. Kids didn’t go to school all day and went to bed early at night. Adults spent time enjoying other adults while playing cards and laughing. And they had the same amount of time we have.

So if you’re struggling with finding time to wind down and rest, do what I do. Text a good friend to do her snow dance and pray for a ‘Frozen’-like ice storm.

Until next time…

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