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Today my dad decided he wanted to take my kids and my niece and nephew to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Most of my friends know that I refer to Chuck’s as ‘Adult Hell’ and the only time my children go is if someone else takes them. I reluctantly agreed to take the munchkins because they would’ve rioted otherwise. As I was getting ready to leave I had an epiphany about the pending trip. My DAD wanted to take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Let me break it down for you. Within my closest circle of friends and family, a lot of  fathers fit into these three categories: 1. ‘Dad’ isn’t around…at all…and hasn’t been for YEARS, 2. ‘Dad’ is around but the relationship is strained and obligatory, or  3. Dad passed away. That’s the simple truth. I’m a child of divorce and am blessed to have a father who is not a deadbeat. I am blessed to have a father who divorced my Mom but didn’t divorce my brother and me. I am blessed to have a dad who loves me, my children, and my husband and who still cares a lot about my mom. I’m actually extremely blessed because in addition to my dad I have a mom who is just awesome.

Now of course, he isn’t perfect, And actually, no father, except GOD is perfect. And although I sometimes question the how and why of things past, at this point they don’t matter much anymore. See, my parents and I are getting older. And if I’m being perfectly honest, the next day isn’t promised to any of us. But this morning I realized that I have a choice. I can sit around and complain about my Dad, who’s alive and well and in my life, taking his grandkids to Chuck E. Cheese’s, or shut up and go.

I chose to shut up and go. And you know what? The kids had a great time, I got free pizza, and I even got to play a few games…thanks Dad!

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