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Closing Out

These last twelve months have run together. . I’ve filled buckets with my laughter, heartaches, tears, prayers asked, and prayers answered. And while I’ve grown a little older and things have changed around me, God hasn’t. And for the first time I’m REALLY realizing that the fact the He is the same is what I look most forward to in a new year.

Thank you to every person who has read FATMama, shared it, liked it, and all of the above. Thank you for giving me a space to share my heart and hopes. I pray that God continues to keep me humble and to never say anything to turn anyone away from Him.

This year has been been filled with so many events and thoughts that have helped me know what’s truly important. I haven’t made resolutions in years and this year won’t be different; I just want each day to be better than the last-and that can start at any moment. Take care my friends and stay tuned for what’s next.

Until next time…

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