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Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday

I absolutely love birthdays. I celebrated my 18th birthday not long after my husband and I started dating and he thought it was crazy that I got so excited. When he turned 18 the following April I threw him a party and have made every birthday special for him since…and it’s been 17 years.

As I was preparing for my son’s 4th birthday it hit me why birthdays have always been so special to me: my Mama. I think I’ve mentioned that my parents are divorced and it happened when I was younger. Although my dad is a good father, he couldn’t always come back to town for my birthday (it’s 19 days after Christmas). My mom however has ALWAYS made our birthdays special. Whether it was a card, cake, or making sure everybody knew it was my birthday, she has made it important. I vividly remember her driving to Denton on my 21st birthday just to give me a gift.

And as I get older, birthdays have even more meaning. I get another year to do life. I don’t take that for granted because I know somebody didn’t make it to the age I am now. Although I definitely feel every bit of the 35 years coming up, I’m glad for them because I know that it’s BUT GOD that I’m here. He saved my life when I was at my lowest and I’m grateful.

I’ve decided that the year of 35 needs to involve me taking better care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. But in the process of that I’ll still be completely obnoxious about it…because hey, it’s my birthday!!

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