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Lessons From Superwoman’s Cancer

As many of you know my aunt Ruby was diagnosed with cancer towards the end of 2015. Since the diagnosis and all that has come with it, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Along with her diagnosis I’ve been sick, the boy child has been sick, work has been ridiculously stressful, hubby is grinding HARD for our future, and my sweet Mama has been down and out this week. In a nutshell, I’ve begrudgingly relented to God’s will but haven’t really been deeply engaged…see my last post.

All the while, Superwoman (the new nickname I’ve given my aunt) has cancer and is KICKING ITS BUTT. I have lost count of the number of radiation and chemo treatments but it’s more than I probably could endure without a meltdown (I’m a big baby). In the process she’s changed the water hose on my Mom’s car (in a parking lot), babysat my kids so I could go to work, driven herself to radiation a couple of times, served tirelessly at her church, and a myriad of other things I could name.

And you know where she gets her strength? GOD. He has given her the strength and spirit to KICK CANCER’s BUTT. She rarely complains and for the last few days has worried more about my mom and me than about herself.

I know God is watching my reaction to all of this. He’s wondering if I understand the lessons of faith and being a true tither (time, talents, and money) –like my aunt- that I’m in the midst of. He’s showing me the blessing of obedience. And although I may be very weary and anxious…I see it. And I know that when I have a clear heart,and mind God and I will have a very lengthy conversation. In the meantime I’ll watch Superwoman and thank God for all He’s doing through her life. And through my moans, and groans, and tears, I’ll find peace in her strength.


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