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Good Dads – They Do Exist

Earlier this week my daughter had a birthday. She was lucky because we’re off this week so that meant the hubs got to cook breakfast (I order breakfast). She was so excited when she got to the table because he had made a happy face on her plate with bacon, waffles, and strawberries. Her day was made. I joked that I was lucky to get a biscuit on my birthday and quickly snapped a picture.

The day our daughter was born my husband became a different person. Not like Jekyll and Hyde; more like the Tinman and the Tinman after visiting the wizard. He has always had a heart; but the birth of our daughter changed it. When I found out I was pregnant a second time I secretly hoped it was a girl, because I saw how much my daughter loved her daddy and what that did for him. But, you know the rest…it was a boy who stole my heart, but he changed his daddy’s heart…again.

Over the last six years I’ve watched my husband’s heart change from romantic, provider, scared new father, protective father of a black male, concerned husband all rolled into the one. All of those aspects have made him a ‘good dad’. And I don’t use that term lightly. The narrative these days is that fathers are missing. You know, they’re deadbeats. I’m actually surprised at the number of TV commercials I see about Fatherhood and Dads Are One might be led to believe that good fathers are a rarity.

But I can’t  believe that. I live with a good dad. I went to high school with, worked and graduated from college with, was taught by, am related to, work with and have friends that are married to some GOOD dads. Are they perfect? Nope, and they don’t need to be. They need to do exactly what they do…love their children unconditionally and be there as much as they can.


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