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#ButGOD Moments

When hashtags started to become popular I jumped on the bandwagon. My husband, who loathes social media, had to explain them to me and then tried to compel me not to use them. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I ignored him. I don’t use them too often (I’m sure it’s worse than I think) but there’s one in particular that I cherish…#ButGOD.

Lately I’ve been more aware of the #ButGOD moments in my life. It’s not that they don’t happen every day; I mean I wake up every morning. #ButGOD. But lately there’s been some that have been so loud, and so big that I can’t help but say, #ButGOD. Like my aunt beating Stage 3 cancer. #ButGOD. Or me finding out that the pulsing in my ear isn’t caused by a tumor or mass in my ear…just an anomaly of a vein. #ButGOD. Or the doctors finding an aneurysm, though it small, while looking for something else. One that may not have been found until it was too late. #ButGOD. Or the simple fact that I can even write this when six years ago I was contemplating killing myself because my anxiety and depression were so bad and I felt so hopeless. #ButGOD.

And there are so many more moments I could tell you about. I could fill buckets with the tears I’ve cried over those moments. I could write pages of the moments in my life, my husband’s, my family’s, and friends’. No matter what has happened… #ButGOD.

Some people shout. Others dance, while others sing praises to our Lord. Me? I hashtag. So when you see #ButGOD, consider that my shout, my run, my dance, and my song all rolled into one.

Until next time…

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