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Husbands and Wives

The other night the hubs told the kids he was doing laundry. Because my daughter notices everything, she quickly asked why. (I’ve been on laundry duty alone for awhile because he’s working 60+ hours a week). I shouted back, “Because that’s what we do”. To which she replied, “Because you’re his wife and he’s your’re husband”. BINGO!

Last year when he went to Vegas for a week for work I thought I was going to have a meltdown. Because he’s my husband and I’m his wife. Because he bathes the kids, and fixes our breakfast, and makes lunches, and goes to the grocery store, and does all the things that MY husband does. I know that some folks would say I’m spoiled, or have it good, and I would agree, but to some extent, he’s just doing what we do in this house. And my kids see it. They see that being married is a team effort. They see that being in a marriage requires that both people give and take. They see that if one person is too tired, too sick, or too busy with what life brings (work, ministry, extended family, etc.) that the other person must stand in the gap for things to keep moving.

Now don’t get me wrong; what we have isn’t perfect. It isn’t  a fairy tale as an old classmate joked. There have been tears, laughs, hugs, and pick-me-up-off-the-floor moments. We have argued, yelled, and apologized more than a few times. But like any good team we make up and move on. And like anything that’s meant to last, we work in earnest to keep God at the forefront of it.

My kids are learning a lot about husbands and wives; the good, the tough, and the gross – LOL! (They’re convinced that us kissing is gross). And my prayer is that in many, many, many, many years they can use what they’ve learned.

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  1. I loved your post!! So few people truly value and respect marriage, even less think roles/ chores in the household should be shared! This is something that is very important for us to teach our children as well. I have to admit, in our younger years of marriage we did have more defined roles especially when it came to doing chores in the house lol! As we grew spiritually, mentally, and emotionally we grew together and closer as a couple because of it. I think realizing what a marriage should actually be and function as is something that happens the closer a couple grows and matures. God bless you and your family!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! If there’s one thing I’ve learned at the ripe old age of 35…LOL…it’s that nothing worth having is easy. God didn’t make marriage easy…if it was we would never grow or need to depend on Him.

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