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Moming Ain’t Easy

My brother called a couple of nights ago and the first thing out of his mouth was ‘You don’t sound good’. I explained that I was tired – my kids haven’t been sleeping well – and that his niece and nephew wouldn’t let me great. We laughed and moved on. Later in the evening I picked up a book I’ve been reading for awhile about being a weary mom. After reading it my earlier thoughts were confirmed: moming ain’t easy. 

For the past two weeks my kids have made their way into my room in the middle of the night. Although the dark circles and bags under my eyes aren’t comical, the 2 am rendezvouses are quite funny. Somehow they are wide awake, trying to have full blown conversations about absolutely nothing. And all I can do is acquiesce. Moming ain’t easy. 

On Tuesday, I fell asleep on the couch while the hubs and son were at soccer practice – I was supposed to be cooking dinner. I woke up a few minutes before they came home and threw together some grits with cheese and bacon and some biscuits…and they loved it (they have deep southern souls). They ate most of it and I got just enough to fight the hunger pangs. Moming ain’t easy. 

But as I got ready for bed, and thought about how exhausted I was and if I had enough concealer (I’ve started wearing concealer y’all) I realized that no, moming ain’t easy. But when my babies give me hugs and kisses; when I look at the notes on my wall at work that they’ve written me; when they tell me they missed me while at school – it’s worth it. 

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