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Perfectly Imperfect 

I know this is going to come as a complete shock, but  – I am not perfect. If I stub my toe hard enough I’m going to cuss. Sometimes I picture myself throat chopping people who’ve ticked me off. Oh, and sometimes, I fall asleep while I’m saying my prayers at night. Guess what…I’m a Christian. Now some of that is a bit comical. But the reality is, there are other things in my past that aren’t funny, that I am more than happy to discuss. And I don’t mean happy in a, let me brag about my escapades because they were cool, way. I mean happy because God delivered me from a bunch of nonsense I was doing. 

But not talking about it how we got over can be a problem. You see, often times as Christians, we hide our stories. We’re, for a lack of a better word, fake. We think that if we share parts of our pre-salvation life, people may judge us.  And I’ve seen how that can cause someone new to the faith be scared to submit to Christ because their past is ‘too bad’.

Here’s the thing, we are perfect in Christ. But it’s those imperfections that brought us to Him. It’s those imperfections that give us a testimony. It’s those imperfections that make others relate to us. I’m not saying you have to share all your business – but it’s okay to be perfectly imperfect. I have a shirt that I proudly wear that’s says so. 

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