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The last few weeks have been INSANE. I won’t go in to detail but let’s just say that I’ve contemplated selling our house, buying an RV, and home schooling the kids while we travel the country. If you know me you know that 1) I love my house and 2) CorlissCorliss ain’t trying to home school anybody, ever – and CorlissCorliss usually wins.

For a variety of reasons I’ve also cried, prayed, cursed, and said on multiple occasions – ‘Lord, whatever Your will, just do it, and give me the courage and strength to accept it’. But when He starts to do His will….I start back pedaling. You know…or maybe you don’t because you’ve arrived….I start to try and negotiate some things. Saying stuff like, ‘Lord…do your will if it means…’ or ‘Have your way Lord but go this way first’. Then I pick up my phone and start texting people for prayers, hoping they’ll pray for what I want and every time, everybody says pretty much the same thing – the Lord has the final say Corliss. Le sigh.

Here’s the deal – no matter how much you try to negotiate, the Lord is going to have His way. And you can text fifty different people looking for your answer – but whatever word and answer He has for you – it will get through. Because He’s God. He sees all, knows all, does all. And He will remind you of that constantly.

I don’t know the plan for my life – I have my wants but God knows my needs. And even though I may try every now and again to negotiate the terms, I know that ultimately He has the final say and it’ll be better than anything I could’ve dreamed of.

And shout out to my peeps who’ve been keeping me encouraged – you know who you are!

Until next time…

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