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George Breonna Elijah Michael Eric Christopher Atatiana Dominque Pamela Botham Christopher Antwon Stephon Ronell Aaron Jordan Alteria Paul Terence Philando Alton Sylville Terrill Willie Demsrcus Mary Kevin Darius Torrey Peter Marco Christopher Dyzhawn Calin David Wendell Antroine Randy Janet Keith Quintonio Bettie Kevin Michael Miguel Benni Nathaniel Richard Jamar Michael La’Vante India Tyree Alonzo Anthony Dominic Paterson Lamontez Junior Keith Felix Asshams Troy Christian Brian Michael Samuel Billy Darrius Albert Sandra Salvado Joseph Freddie Jonathan Victor Brendon Alexia William Walter Eric Phillip Mya Anthony Tony Natasha Frank Matthew Jerame Rumain Tamir Akai Tanisha George Laquan Michelle Dante Ezell Michael John Eric…

The names start to run together.

We see them. We hear them. We mourn them. We march. We cry. We pray. We hope. We pray. We say end systemic racism. We say white privilege is real. We say black lives matter. We say stop killing us. We say we can’t breathe. We post. We comment. We vote. We call. We petition. But they keep coming. The names keep coming. The sorrow keeps coming. We’re exhausted. We spend nights in bed. Hoping. Praying. Waiting for the day that the names stop coming.

But they keep coming.

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