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Doing the Most

A few years ago my women’s group read the book ‘Having a Mary Heart, In a Martha World’ by Joanna Weaver. The book is essentially about how we get so busy doing other stuff that we fail to take the time to set at Jesus’ feet. (See Luke 10:38-42). Of course after I left every lesson I wanted to fall out on the floor because I was continuously guilty of being busy with things that were important (ministry, work, family, etc); however, in all that busyness I wasn’t stopping to spend valuable time getting close to God so I could make sure I was doing what He said I should do in the first place.

As Jacob and I were talking about what activities to sign our kids up for in the fall (yes, we’re there) the story of Mary and Martha popped into my head. The question lingering in my mind has always been…will we get so busy and allow our kids to get so busy that they forget WHO gave us the opportunity in the first place.

It’s not easy. There’s so much for kids to get involved in and we want them to find something they love to do. What I’m saying is that I KNOW what happens when THIS family (namely Jacobs and I) starts putting real time with Jesus on the shelf. And at this point in the game we haven’t quite figured out how to do both as well as we could (We are open to help on figuring it out! LOL!!)

So for now, it’s just one activity for both and swim lessons (because my children are merpeople) and some major prioritizing for the Hubs and I. And if you see or hear me complaining about being too busy, and you love me, remind me about this post. Because like I’ve said, I have NOT arrived, and like Martha, I sometimes forget what’s important.

Until next time…

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