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Fellowship of the Saints

Between two lengthy vacations and a couple of summer colds, we’ve missed more church than usual. There was a time when not going to church didn’t bother me at all. But these days, if I miss church too many times, I’m just not right.

We have been blessed to be a part of a church that believes in using the BIBLE to teach and preach from and we have some dynamic ministers (And my Pastor does a great job of breaking it down in about 20 minutes or less which is great for my adult-onset ADD! LOL! ) But that’s not the only reason I love going to church; it’s also because of the people. When Jacob and I first visited our church after we got married we were welcomed as though we’d been members for years. After we joined we understood what it meant to be a part of a church FAMILY. Whether we aren’t there too many weeks in a row, somebody gets sick, or just because, we get a phone call, text, Facebook message, or all of the above checking on us. Church is where I have been blessed with many sisters, mentors, and life long friends.

I’ve heard the argument that churches are just full of hypocrites and ‘holy-rollers’ and I once thought like that. I grew up knowing people who were at church all the time, proclaiming Christianity, but in my opinion, not living a life I thought was worthy of that title. Then I grew up. Churches are full of people, many whom are Christians, not who are perfect. If I’m being honest though, even after giving my life to Christ I haven’t been the ‘perfect’ Christian…because there is no such thing. What I can say is that I’ve NEVER left church feeling worse than I did when I got there. Even on my most tired and weary days I’ve always left church with more pep in my step and my hug quota for the week is always overflowing.

One of our Sunday School teachers used to say something to the effect of, you can stay home and agree with yourself all day or you can come to church and learn from others. Since I don’t know it all…and never will…I’ll keep going to church.

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