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The Mommy Wars

I have ‘officially’ been a mom for over 5 years. I believe that my years prior to that while I was a classroom teacher rounds it out to 10 (several kids would call me Mom). However it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve come across the term ‘Mommy Wars’.

Initially I was going to open this post by saying they’re stupid and that I’m above all of that nonsense. That’s a lie; I’m not. Occasionally I find myself on the front line of said wars, Pinterest open, ready to go all in on Valentine’s Day parties and the kids’ next birthday celebration (If you have ever been to a Bunkley-Kid party you know I don’t go all out but there’s a LOT of coordination), and feeling like I won the Purple Heart if I pull it off. Honestly, I get it; there is a competitive spirit in all of us…it’s our animal survival instincts. But this whole Mommy Wars thing has gotten out of hand.

Look, I don’t care if you work versus stay at home and you shouldn’t care if I do. If you want to make your kids’ food from scratch and I think my kids should be happy I feed them every day…to each his own.

At the end of the day being a mother is the HARDEST job I will ever have. I have two children…I’m outnumbered so I need ALL the reinforcements I can get. So whether you’re #TeamOrganic, #TeamVaccinate, or #TeamCFD, we’re all #TeamMom and we must put on a united front against #TeamKids.

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