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Lesson from a Sheep

Friday evening Jacob and I decided to take the kids to see ‘Shaun the Sheep’. I had no idea who this sheep was but it had good ratings on Flixster and we love movies.

As we settled into our seats and the movie started I had a slight panic attack as I realized that there were no words, save for a few guttural utterances from different and the soundtrack. I couldn’t imagine that I would enjoy it very much because I would actually have to pay attention to the entire movie; I couldn’t rely on dialouge to catch me up when my mind wandered off.

After we left the theater I realized why it was such a great movie. The silence forced everyone in the theater to pay attention. Of course there were minor distractions but if you lost focus too much you’d miss something. That made me think of our relationship with God. So often we are doing all of the talking. Talking to Him in prayer, talking to friends about our prayers, talking to ourselves, etc. For me, the constant chatter can cause me to lose focus on what He’s trying to tell me. Sometimes, I just need SILENCE to hear what direction I’m supposed to take.

When everyone in my house is awake it’s LOUD. As my children have gotten older I’ve tried to help them see the value in quiet time. Funny thing is that I had to go see a movie targeted to them to remind ME of the value in silence.

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