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When the Big Waves Hit

Yesterday was our last day at the beach and I thought it would be cool to take the kids down to Mustang Island State Park. The beach there is directly off the Gulf of Mexico, as opposed to Rockport Beach which is off Aransas Bay. We exactly hopped out the car and started out into the water.

As we got out a bit farther the waves got faster, and bigger. I held on tightly to Josephine’s hand, not wanting her to be swept away to sea when suddenly a wave came in and knocked me off my feet. Now let’s keep it real…I’m not a small chick. But when a wave out of the Gulf of Mexico hits you, chest first, you’re going to fall. And I did…hard. I had my eyes closed to avoid losing my contacts and as I hit the bottom I could hear the waves continuing to come. Instead of scrambling to get up, afraid that I would get knocked right back down, I let a couple more big waves wash over me and prayed and prayed for God to see me through this with the least amount of damage. [Side note: The Hubs was right there watching the whole thing and looking after the kids…I’m not THAT parent.] When I was sure that no more big waves were coming I got up and walked back to the shore.

Because I’m insane, I went back out. I even got rolled…like no-fooling, tossed on my side, rolled like a burrito…while sitting on the shore. On my last walk out, the Hubs came with me and told me to turn to the side. He explained that I needed to brace myself on the strongest leg and use my thighs to shield the force. He warned that if I allowed the big waves to hit me in the chest I was going to be knocked down…

As we drove home today I realized that the big waves of life take me down sometimes because they have a huge impact on my heart. I’m the person who feels it, then thinks it so my heart is at the center of how I respond to life as it happens to and around me. A lot of times, the big waves knock me down. But just like yesterday, I pray without ceasing, wait until I’m ready, get up, take a break, and then try again. What are you going to do when the big wave hits?

Until next time…

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