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God is Everywhere

My children left today for a five day trip out of the state – without us. They are in good hands, with capable family members who love them. But that still doesn’t stop me from being a nervous wreck (it’s kind of my thing). When I texted one of my groups of sister-friends asking for prayer, one texted back something that hit me right in the gut – God is everywhere.

Life has been a little hectic. School just wrapped up and we’ve had practices, games, recitals, awards – the list goes on. In the midst of that I’m transitioning out of a job into (insert whatever God has planned), a six week visit from my sweet Mama while she recovers from surgery, and the first time being home with my children for two full months of summer. Needless to say, I’m a wee bit – anxious. But God. Is. Everywhere.

He was on the plane that got my children safely to their destination. He’s been right in the middle of this job transition and He’ll be on the other side of it. He’s been with my family every step of the way, even when we didn’t deserve it. I could write a book about every single time, outside of the obvious, that He has been there. But I guess, I mean I know, that I needed that reminder.

The moral of the story is this friends: never, ever, forget where your help comes from. And surround yourself with people who will remind you of that in moments of panic, stress, grieve, sorrow, and joy.

Until next time…

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