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Who you calling FAT?!

Fat…it seems to be one of the smallest, yet most powerful words in the English language these days. Let me tell you a little something about being FAT.

The first time Josephine called me fat I wanted to die. Like literally fall on the floor and die. After I took a deep breath I asked her what ‘fat’ meant and she looked at me like I was an idiot (She’s really good at that look.) and said ‘It means big Mommy. Like you know, you’re bigger than me.’ I breathed a sigh of relief and asked her if ‘fat’ was a bad thing and she said no, and gave me that look again.

From that point forward I stopped being afraid of the word ‘fat’. Now somebody, somewhere is having a fit because of course fat means unhealthy right?  And the perfect weight means you’re healthy right?! But this post isn’t about that so I’ll stop and I need you to pump your brakes as well.

We live in a world where the words we use to describe people can either build them up or tear them down. You can call me black, and simply be referring to the racial moniker the Fed has given to people with my level of melanin or you can call me black, and it be filled with hate and disgust. Just like fat. You can describe me as the shortish, fat, chick or you can describe me as the shortish fat chick, again with the hate and disgust.

At this point in my life fat is another adjective to describe me. I could’ve also used funny, faithful, gorgeous (Yea, I said it), sleep deprived, and a whole slew of other words to describe me. But fat, black, gorgeous, witty…none of those hold any power of my SOUL! Now SAVED, Washed in the blood of JESUS…yes…that’s about my SOUL.

So why FATMama…because well, I’m fat. But I’m also a frazzled, anxious, and tired mama…and I’m sure a lot of skinny mamas have their FAT days too.

Until next time…

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